Basic Training for Finding Your Path in Life


A Unique College Level Self-Discovery Leadership Training for Creative, Intelligent, Independent Thinkers








Randy & Colleen Russell
InnerPathWorks Founders

"My son Ryan attended InnerPathWorks and the training made a HUGE difference in the entire family! I was inspired to bring the launching concept, brain study, and mentoring concepts to Colorado State University - and mentoring each student to find their own unique's working!"

Eric, alumni's parent

"My name is Ivan. I am Randy’s student, and did an intensive training with him for 10 months in the year of ’08. He taught me how to feel, how to see the world, how to track and how to live. He taught me, through mother nature, who I was. Currently I am at Reed College with hopes to finish a Linguistics and Philosophy double major, and plans to do a Master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology and a PhD in Cognitive Science."

Ivan, IPW Alumni


helps you find your path and discover the next step of  training to move forward



Know yourself, discover your vision, and explore the life path that fits you.

This journey of self-discovery opens the mind and imagination to finding rewarding possibilities for your life.  Our “gap year” type semester is packed full of experiences and concepts that challenge and expand who you are and what you are capable of creating.

Some of our most important trainings help you understand and appreciate the natural world.  You move from being an alien on your own planet to seeing through native eyes.  This foundation is important in building a healthy culture and balanced future.

We also focus on how your brain and your senses work together to keep you safe and give you advantages for success.  This includes knowing how to access your super learning states.  Our students discover new ways to learn that positively benefit their preparation for a life work.

We want you ready for anything, with problem-solving skills that would not only save you in a disaster but would make you a leader in life.  This includes primitive skills, life skills, entrepreneurial skills and expanding common sense.  Creativity and intuition are enhanced and possible passions are explored. 

If you are one of those who cannot afford to invest time and money into college or trade school until you arrive at your own sense of purpose and passion, an InnerPathWorks semester may be a clarifying step towards a meaningful future for you.

The earth is in a cultural, educational, environmental, energy and social revolution. Opportunities abound for those with awareness and courageous ambition. Be aware of where you can best use your gifts.

This Is What InnerPathWorks Provides


We are nestled in a beautiful valley in northern Idaho in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Most of the training occurs in the Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene areas, which is home to North Idaho College, Lewis & Clark College and the University of Idaho, Coeur d'Alene campus. The area hosts the internationally known Ironman Competition and is always a whirl of activity including art shows, festivals, concerts, several snow ski mountains and lots of outdoor fun.


Spending a semester at InnerPathWorks can help you learn how to make lasting and productive decisions. It can also save you thousands of dollars spent on earning a major that doesn't fit your gifts and genius.